Reagent Grade
Dimethyl Sulfone
(Methylsulfonylmethane / Sulfonylbismethane / DMSO2)

An extremely stable and non-hazardous solvent

Bergstrom Nutrition manufactures high-purity reagent grade DMSO2 to service the research, industrial and agricultural markets.

Proprietary Process

Bergstrom Nutrition uses a proprietary multi-stage distillation process to purify Dimethyl Sulfone, resulting in an extremely dry and pure form of DMSO2.

Bergstrom products are made exclusively in the USA in a dedicated ISO-registered facility to provide essential traceability.

Technical Data Sheet

Physical Properties

DMSO2 is essentially odorless and has an extremely low level of toxicity. It is a white crystalline material at room temperature, making it both easy and safe to handle.

Typical Physical Properties
Density 1.1702 g/cc
Melting point 109.5℃ (228℉)
Boiling point 248℃ (478℉)
Specific gravity 26℃ 1.450 - 1.455
Index of refraction (20℃) 1.4226
Flash point (Cleveland Open Cup) 143℃ (290℉)
Solubility parameter 14.5
Standard heat of formation -107.5 kcal/mole
Heat of sublimation (25℃) 18.4 kcal/mole
Heat of combustion (25℃) -428.29 kcal/mole
Specific heat (liquid, 121℃) 0.53 cal/gm/℃
Specific heat (solid, 25℃) 0/31 cal/gm/℃
Dipole moment (20℃) 4.25 Debye
Viscosity (125℃) 1.14cp

Practical Applications

DMSO2 is useful as a solvent in various processes involving PVC and PAN. It is also used as a reagent, catalyst, and precursor material in application areas such as film deposition, pharmaceuticals, industrial production, and many electronic applications such as lithium battery production and LED manufacturing.

Dimethyl Sulfone is also utilized for its sulfur-donating properties in various agricultural applications.


DMSO2 is easily soluble in water, alcohol, acetone, methanol, and benzene, and slightly soluble in ether.