Quality Policy

Bergstrom Nutrition® has a reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality products which create trust in our distributors and customers. Every employee at Bergstrom Nutrition is engaged in achieving sustainable value for our business and our customers. We guarantee the safety and compliance of our products and processes to regulatory standards. We strive for the highest quality and safety through continuous improvement efforts across the organization. We engage everyone across our value chain in the building of our quality culture, and we strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by ensuring consistency in our products.

Our Process

We focus on consistent quality and efficiency to produce the purest form of MSM.

Dedicated Plant

We manufacture our products at the only single-purpose facility in North America to ensure our commitment to quality.

Distilled for Purity

We obtain the best quality raw materials and use a multi-stage distilling process that is known as the most superior purification method found on the market.

Third Party Testing

Our process control is evaluated at every stage of production and followed by extensive laboratory analysis to meet our stringent product specifications.


We believe that continually advancing the science behind the products we manufacture is necessary for the greater good. Through years of investment in research, we developed OptiMSM and PurforMSM. We continue to move forward with ongoing research to better understand the safety, efficacy, bioavailability, uses and benefits of MSM. With many peer-reviewed published studies and well-documented records of safety, our OptiMSM is the safest, purest and trusted MSM.

New Applications

At Bergstrom, we are driven to develop innovative uses for our products to benefit a variety of industries.
Whether utilized as MSM, Methylsulfonylmethane or under other recognized names such as Dimethyl Sulfone, DMSO2, or Methyl Sulfone, we work to identify new, unique applications for multiple channels, including dietary supplements, personal care, food and beverage, agricultural and industrial.

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